Golf Swing Mastery


Golf Swing Mastery offers you a MAJOR UPGRADE to your Physical Education Programs for Golf.
Gary is a former PGA TOUR player and the 2014 Illinois PGA “Teacher of the Year”
GSM is a systemized daily “Learning and Training” instructional curriculum that is a perfect fit for semester or trimesters. It includes a curriculum for both beginners and advanced – Both 101 and 401.

GSM is literally an online video textbook. It is a step-by-step, watch and imitate program, all on video. Your professors cannot possible have the instructional background to teach like this! But, they can simple follow the system and get great results! Students can access the GSM learning system on any mobile computer device, anywhere. They don’t even have to go to the golf course!

GSM has produced several PGA TOUR Players and 2 GOLF CHANNEL featured instructors… All of them started from the very beginner level!

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