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Check out JUNIOR MASTERY for Beginner Junior Golfers:

Junior golfers: Learn from Gary! His Golf Swing Mastery System has put several junior golfers on the PGA TOUR and has enabled many college scholarships and junior tournament wins.
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How would you like to swing like just the pros, in literally, no time? GSM JM can do that for you!
After 25 years of struggle to find the best way to help junior golfers learn fast and fall in love with game of golf. I have finally formulated the perfect plan to do that very thing!

GSM – JM is a complete Step-by-Step golf swing learning system for junior golfers, both boys and girls, from age 8 to 18. JM is a systematic learning program that is simple enough for anyone to learn, but it’s advanced enough that its concepts have already produced several PGA Tour professionals and 2 award winning golf instructors, each of which has been featured on the Golf Channel Live. Also, it’s instruction has produced many college scholarships…. and a ton of junior tournament wins!

It can do the exact same thing for you!

GSM JM is a 7 day comprehensive learning and training program for the junior golfers. JM is about 3 hours long and is spread over spread over 7 days. It actually be done at any rate of time. GSM can even be completed in the privacy of your own home! JM consists of 20 minutes per day of watch, learn and imitate programming. You will learn and train an easy to understand and do 3-component swing. Each of the 3 components are learned separately and then blended together into the full swing using a scientifically designed systematic development program.

JM even has a special training aid for the you to help accelerate your learning and development time!

The GSM Mastery – JM development program includes complete instruction and training including:

  • The Full Swing
  • The Secret to Effortless Power
  • The Magic Move to Consistent Accuracy
  • Power and Accuracy Drill Sets
  • The Short Game
  • Faults and Fixes
  • Golf Specific Workout
  • The Rules and Etiquette of Golf
  • Complete Golf Glossary

GSM – JM is an “All You Need to Know” abbreviated version of the GSM full learning system that has been specifically designed with, you, the junior golfer in mind.

When you have advanced your skills and are ready to go to the next level… the GSM Premium Membership is always available.
This Premium Membership contains the entire GSM 30 Day Learning System. This includes: both Basic and Advanced Learning and Training, The One Day Miracle Swing, The Fast Track System and The GSM Advanced Learning and Training. It even includes Daily Q&A with an extensive Golf Terms Glossary.

The GSM – JM Membership is a comprehensive Golf Education for the Junior Golfer.

Get GSM JM Right Now! And quickly be on your way to the golf swing of your dreams!

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