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Gary Pinns instructs movie star Mason Gamble for movie roll.





Golf is a hard game. It is difficult, time consuming and expensive. However, it’s a great game to play! Especially, when you hit that great shot at just the right time or you have your best round ever!

I truly enjoy helping people get better so they can experience these great moments.  It has always been my desire to teach people the golf swing as fast as I could.  Due to this desire I’ve always wanted to create a learning system that could be done by anyone even if they didn’t have access to a golf pro.  I figured that if I could make a system similar to a workout video it could help people learn much faster.

One day, I received a phone call and was told that I had been recommended to be the instructor to Mason Gamble, a 14-year-old movie star, for the major motion picture, “A Gentlemen’s Game.” They asked me to make Mason look like the next upcoming star golfer.  He had to have an awesome looking swing as well as look like a child prodigy.

Up until that point, Mason was not a golfer.  He had barely ever played.  He was also not an exceptional athlete.  I knew I was in a pinch, so we went to work.  I thought about what the best way to achieve our desired results would be and knew what worked best in my daily lessons: To train the key components, independent of results and then put them back together into the whole swing.

We did not care how Mason played but more that he looked like he could.  If he looked great, we accomplished our goal. We broke the swing down into key components, trained them individually and ultimately integrated them into the swing motion.  In less than 15 hours of lessons we had done it! He looked just like a champion! Watch the movie and see what Mason’s swing looks like. The most exciting part though, was that Mason ended up creating an extremely solid golf swing. I recall one incident in particular, when I took him on the course and he hit 2 consecutive 3 wood shots off the fairway onto the green from 230 yards away.  For most people that is unheard of and for a skinny 14-year-old beginner? Well… that just doesn’t happen!

When I saw this I knew I was on to something. When we started I was pretty sure that if we trained Mason in this manner he would look like he had great swing. What I didn’t know was that it would also make him hit powerful and accurate shots in a short period of time. So… GSM was born!  But, I want you to know I had another major discovery en route to developing the GSM System.  It is the single best thing I have ever discovered in regards to helping people improve their golf game quickly.

One day, I discovered a brand new way that often produces instant and dramatic results in both increasing power and improving accuracy. I had already developed a method for teaching students how to hit the ball far. But, I knew I needed to find a method that would easily help keep the clubface square through the hitting zone so that the students could consistently hit straight shots.  I happened to run across an old swing training aid that I had made to strengthen my hands for more power. Using this, I improvised a way to train the hands to do exactly what they needed to do to hit the ball consistently straight.  I quickly crystallized this master drill to train for accuracy.  I was excited because it is an easy drill to do and can be done by anyone even with a regular club.  However, I wanted to be able to make this drill work extremely fast.  So using my old homemade training aid and I devised a simple, but extremely effective training aid that would rapidly reinforce the key movements of this drill and help my students begin to hit consistently straight shots. This new training aid is now called “THE MS BEAST”.

The first time I personally combined this master drill with “The Beast” my results were truly amazing.  I immediately began hitting the ball the best I had in years… maybe even ever! I felt I discovered the holy grail of golf!  So I started to try it out with my students and the results were simply astonishing!  Often with just a time or two through the drill set with  “The Beast” in hand, students were able to hit the ball significantly farther and dead straight at the same time! It was truly remarkable! … More than one of them said, “It’s like a Miracle! So we nick-named GSM, “The Miracle Swing”… because of the amazing and rapid results that the system produces.

The entire GSM system is a highly detailed video road map that is setup like a video textbook. You will follow the video program one step at a time to create masterful control of your swing.  It can even be done in the privacy of your own home on your mobile device. GSM is perfectly designed with two distinct starting points.  One is for the novice and one is for the more experienced golfer.

The advanced section includes the “Fast Track System” that takes only a few minutes to learn and is guaranteed to have you hitting the ball both further and straighter, without adversely effecting your present swing.

GSM is completely comprehensive and it leaves nothing out.  It has an extensive advanced section that even contains a tour quality short game section and a golf specific gym workout. GSM will literally become your Masters Degree in Golf Swing, so why don’t you just take advantage of my lifetime passion to help people learn fast and become a GOLF SWING MASTER yourself.

Get your GSM right now and instantly be on your way to a consistent, powerful and accurate golf swing and your best golf ever!

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