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GSM – Introduces the Miracle Swing BEAST

The Beast

When I first began GSM, it was my goal to develop the fastest golf swing learning system possible. While doing this I stumbled upon a brand new way that often produces instant and dramatic results, in both increasing power and improving accuracy. While developing this system, I created a master drill that would train the hands to do exactly what they needed to do to hit the ball consistently straight. It is an easy drill to do and can be done with a regular club. I also wanted to make this drill work really fast and stick. So, I devised a simple, but extremely effective training aid that would rapidly reinforce the key movements of this drill and help people quickly produce consistently straight shots. I call this training aid “The Miracle Swing Beast” because of it’s “beastly” elimination of poor swing habits!

When I first combined this master drill with “The Beast” my personal results were simply amazing. I immediately began hitting the ball the best I had in years, maybe even ever! I thought… could it really be this easy? I felt like I had discovered the holy grail of golf! So, I started to try it out with my students. Their results were simply astonishing! Often with just a time or two through the drill set with “The Beast” in hand, my students were able to hit the ball significantly farther and dead straight at the same time. It was truly remarkable! More than one of my students said, “It’s like a miracle!” So we nicknamed Golf Swing Mastery, “The Miracle Swing” due to the amazing results it produces.

The entire GSM system is a highly detailed video roadmap that you will follow one step at a time to create masterful control of your swing. The MS Beast will help accelerate your learning time exponentially!

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